The hardware approach !

Well to be honest, hardware is not my thing. I have been always more obsessed with software. Getting to understand how the software is working, to reverse it, rewritting it, finding flaws in it, exploit those flaws. But since few years now, since my last biggest hack (GC hack with PSO protocol hack), it’s loking like software on next-gen console is toomuch for me. Well maybe not too much .. but i’m really loosing interest in it.

So since i’m getting back to my first love (aka the SNES) I’m strangely interested into hardware stuff. I started getting interested on how is the “Pro Fighter Q +” is dealing with parallel port communication. I will talk about it now … that might be a subject for a few other posts.Then i got interrested on how are the cartridge working, how the cpu pinout are dispatching stuff the the other processor. Might it be possible to make a debugger on the real SNES hardware. As you see that’s many questions…

So im currently reading lots of technical docs about the SNES, and also reading lots of stuff about the basics of electronic. My main goal is to have some hardware parts to help developpers on the SNES.

See you soon for my first experimentation,

++ Lint

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