A nice site from japan

I have discovered about a week ago a nice website talking about SNES dev from Japan : SNES研究室.

The most interesting stuff is certinly the code examples in C using CC65 and the WDC C Compiler. I have never used CC65 and i was a bit surprised to see SNES code for it, since i was quite sure that CC65 wast supporting 65816 cpu. I was a bit familiar with the WDC C Compiler, since I had been playing a few months ago with him.

Now what is missing the most is a SNES library. The library should be coded in C but rather in assembly. But then it would be simplier for people to start learning SNES programming since the library should bring helper functions to help young programmer who have difficulties with 65816 assembler, or bring another range of console coder. It maybe good or bad … who knows.

Anyway it’s a nice site and the author told me that he will continue to update it time to time.

See ya, ++ Lint

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