Early release…

Why early ?!? Because I think many people wait for relaese of the new source code and ROM. I will not have time to write a post describing what I have done and how I have done it. This will come in a few days (I really hope before the weekend).

Biggest new feature is sprite handling.

So here is the ROM and source code.

++ Lint

PS : The code might be refactored when official release. As usual don’t hesitate to send a comment for any questions, bugs, suggestions …

5 Responses to “Early release…”

  1. Tomy Says:

    Yes, I’m one of the guy that waitting for new release. Downloaded, work fine in emulator. I’ll test it on real hardware tonight. But, I beleive you fixed all the problem. I’ll let you know result. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Tomy Says:

    Oh, bugs again on joypad reading. Emulator work good. When run on real hardware, when goto debug mode. You can’t leave debug mode if you press “select” button. But you can press “B” or “Y” to leave debug mode. When in emulator, you can press “select” button to leave debug mode. I think readPad timming maybe still not good enough on real hardware. Please check, thank you.

  3. Tomy Says:

    I checked the readPad routine, you already added :

    while (!(*(byte*)0×4212 & 0×01)){}

    I think it is wrong because my mistake.
    0×4212 bit0 set mean reading in progress.
    Clear mean completed. So, it should be :

    while (*(byte*)0×4212 & 0×01){}

    When 0x4212 bit0 = 1, it will loop in the while loop. (still waitting pad ready)
    When 0x4212 bit0 = 0, it will leave.
    Right ?

  4. lint Says:

    You are totally right it’s again the pad reading function that is faulty. In the code recently released the readPad function in pad.c is not used. The NMIReadPad function in myEvents.c is doing all the work. But badly.

    Change : while (!(*(byte*)0×4212 && 0×01)){}
    With : while ((*(byte*)0×4212 & 0×01)){}

    In fact I was not waiting at all. So changing the line should make it handle pad reading way better.

    ++ Lint

  5. Tomy Says:

    Hi Lint,

    Problem fixed ! NMIReadPad routine running well on real hardware now !
    Thank you for your work.