Hi all,

I took time to analyse why the code wasnt’t running correctly on the SNES hardware. It’s mostly the event handling code. The addEvent and removeEvent functions were causing multiple problems when there was more than 2 events. Now everything should be fixed.

At the start of this week, I did a small TODO list with 12 items. In 4 days I cleared 10 of them. Here is the list :

Events :

  • DONE !!! review add/remove comments
  • DONE !!! add priority (0xff -> 0x00)
  • DONE !!! Allow to stop some events during debug

PPU-registers :

  • DONE !!! make a NO_VALUE define (0xffff)
  • DONE !!! implement BGMODE, MOSAIC and INIDSP
  • DONE !!! implement save_context and restore_context


  • DONE !!! [DONT WORK IN BSNES] trigger on L+R+Start
  • DONE !!! display register value A, X and Y) before jump to debug
  • DONE !!! display event queue information
  • DONE !!! display BGMODE / MOSAIC / FADE value before debug
  • DONE !!! save and restore context on enter debug.


  • POC with main character on title screen (left, right, hit)
  • add up and down control

For next release I may not release a full sprite code, but a least I hope to being able to display a sprite on the screen.

Kung fu master first draft sprite

++ Lint

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