NSF Replayer : SPC code update

This early morning I started to disassemble the original SPC.BIN that was in the demo released by memblers. It just happened that the faulty file was tasm07.tab. I just need to make 2 changes that I describe here :

BEFORE : ROR   *       6C 3 NOP 1 
AFTER :  ROR   !*      6C 3 NOP 1

Seems to be a typo …

BEFORE : MOV     *,A     C4 2 NOP 1
         MOV     !*,A    C5 3 NOP 1

AFTER  : MOV     !*,A    C5 3 NOP 1
         MOV     *,A     C4 2 NOP 1

Look again like a typo, just need to swap to the lines…

So not really a big deal, but now I have a SPC source that compile correctly.

I did a bit of code cleanup yesterday and gave the new rom to Tomy and this time it seems to work. I will release a rom for everybody to test either this afternoon or tomorow morning.

++ Lint

2 Responses to “NSF Replayer : SPC code update”

  1. sylvainulg Says:

    0_o a bit confused.
    These are macro definition of your assembly language itself ?

  2. lint Says:

    Yeah I understand you might be confused. The sound processor of the SNES is called SPC and was designed by Sony. To compile software for the SPC we need to use TASM with a dedicated intruction sheet. It was that instruction sheet that was faulty. I have have any other questions … don’t hesitate to ask.