NSF Replayer first results.

On friday I finally got to make the NSF Replayer work. After various general code checking and made some minor corrections, the player wasn’t still working. From there the only thing that wasn’t checked was the SPC code itself (the only source that I got complete). I had then the idea to the SPC code directly from memblers code ( SNES NSF Player (32Mbit) ).

And … it worked totally fine. Then is various difference with the original SPC.BIN and the one I compiled. I will In a near future reverse the original SPC.BIN and rewrite the correct source code so it can be compiled by hand and can be used for any enhancement that might come one day.

My code is working right on most emu that handle the sound correctly. The Snes9x debug version is really awfull, but zsnes and bsnes are doing the job really fine.

Currently the code seems to not work on the SNES itself as reported Tomy from TOTOTEK. I have no real ideas on why the code isn’t working on the actual SNES for the moment. Tomy reported that he see nothing on the screen while running my proff of concept ROM. I need to assemble a new ROM to check on wich routine the SNES hang. I mainly have 3 functions : 2 init ones and 1 for playing the song that need to be called once per VBlank (not needed in VBlank).

I keep you all informed and will release full source as soon as it is working on the hardware.

See ya, Lint

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