It’s been a while, that i wish to take back SNES dev. Here are my experimentation and discoveries about that good old piece of hardware that is the SNES.

See ya


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  1. David Says:


    I’ve been programming games for fun for some years, and I’ve written simple ROMs for NES, SMS, Megadrive and SNES, in ASM, and in C language, for GBA and DS. For PC too.

    I find SNES to be the most difficult one, because of that terrible 8 or 16 bit register operation, and lack of good tools, no good debuggers out there, no emus with palette, graphics and BG viewers, etc… obviously I use WLA and pure 65816 asm.
    You’re idea of using C language is cool. But that compiler, the only decent one out there, is expensive, and the free version is just too way useless for more than very simple ROMs (250 lines limit including .h !!)

    I’m now willing to develop something for a 16 bit machine, and wander if I’ll go for Megadrive or SNES. It seems SNES is more attractive for people.
    I’m informatic engineer and electronic, and like to play around with hardware. In fact, look at what I done for Megadrive:

    A expansion cart that boot ups some kind of BIOS or firmware, that adds support for Compact Flash card reading and loading ROMs to a rewritable flash cartridge, and also PC communication, to read ROMs or SRAM, and also write SRAM back. All software written by me.
    I’m currently trying to make a final PCB, and release something.

    When I started this project, about two years ago, I wanted to do something like that for SNES, but it seemed too hard at the moment. Megadrive was a far more confortable system to do this.

    Well. I just wanted to say hello, and tell you that I’m one of those guys that still love to code for SNES, and also work on ROM hacking. In fact, I’ve partially dissasembled a NES game, and manage to get quite deep on it (I’ve written dozens of pages about it, all technical stuff)

    Are you using the free WDC ??

    Greetings for Spain.