Snes Cart Project …

I got an email last week from someone that is deigning a Snes cart that will allow to load roms from an SD card.

Here is the blog abot the project : HACKING THE SUPER NINTENDO

The project is already well advanced and he’s talking about doing some USB communication to a PC possible. This will open the world of debugging on the real hardware too since the developper seems to be interested to integrate such facilities in the cart.

See ya, Lint

6 Responses to “Snes Cart Project …”

  1. scottjg Says:

    thanks for the plug, lint!

  2. gilligan Says:

    Actually I wanted to post this on the linked blog, but
    it requires a openid/wordpress/whatever account and
    I don’t have one and can’t be bothered to register .. But
    I guess scottjg is the author and he might end up reading
    this here.. i hope 🙂

    Been coding some tidbits for snes
    now and then. Unfortunately my hardware/electronics
    skills are 0/NULL/nada. I see your goal is mainly
    to run ROMs from an SD Card. What I would love
    to see personally is something that allows for
    quick development cycles i.e fast/easy code
    execution and maybe even some data/communication
    channel between SNES and PC. That would be great.

    Do you have any such plans ?

    best regards,

  3. scottjg Says:

    i had an e-mail thread with lint about this. the short answer is that while i haven’t finished my hardware design, i think it will have a usb port.

    given that the fpga (which is reprogrammable) will be hooked into all the pins available for a cartridge, and some sort of usb microcontroller (also reprogrammable) will be hooked up to the FPGA, it should be possible to write firmware to use the cart as a debugger or an easy way to test your code, etc.

    i’m not really that focused on software features right now, as my first priority is designing the hardware. let’s hope i can get that far first 🙂

  4. gilligan Says:

    Well that sounds cool scott (I assume?:)

    I really hope all that stuff will work out as planned.
    While I can imagine reprogramming/tweaking FPGAs
    and add debugging features etc I think I’ll never ever
    develop any sort of hardware.. not in this lifetime anyway hehe.

    I gonna follow your blog.

  5. Olorin113 Says:

    Hey It’s my idea! I developp this project for 1 year!!
    But I contat him to give my help!!

  6. lint Says:

    Olorin, Scott and you are not the only ones that are designing a such card. There is other projects running. The one from Scott is the more advanced tough. I will talk about the others when result start to emerge.

    ++ Lint