2k limit is there …

And it’s totally bugging me …

My sprite control routine for the upcomming source release i finnaly got the 2k limit issue. The freesdk only  allow you to compile object that are going to be less than 2k. And here my function alone is more than 2K so I need to refactor it. This will delay the source code release.

An other issue that I have been facing for a few week now was compiler warning about function that were not prototyped but they were. When you prototype a function with no arguments like :

void ennemyInit();

This will return a warning during compilation. The right syntax to use is :

void ennemyInit(void);

In parallel to the source release, I’m working on the Eclipse CDT Install tutorial. It’s still work in progress but should be finalized by next week.

See ya, Lint

2 Responses to “2k limit is there …”

  1. sylvainulg Says:

    where does it go, so that it can only be that small ?
    is that a special cache memory as we have on the DS (ICTM) ?
    or is that a restriction from a non-free SDK ?

  2. lint Says:

    No, the restriction is from the compiler in his free version. It have nothing to do with SNES arch.