Happy new year …

A bit late as usual…

I wish you all an happy new year 2009. I have great hope that the snes dev scene will move this year, for the last months I see more and more people getting interested in developping for the Snes. So if you already code the snes please support them. I have also met a few guys on the net that have more or less similar projects : a cart that support sd for playing games. Well playing games or developping games. Now an SD is not going to be really practical but once it’s done I guess I can dream about a USB connection to upload code and maybe even debug feature.

I’m also in the process of switching my IDE. Since I’m working with Eclipse for my Php and Java dev at work, I tought that i should use it too for my snes deving. I installed CDT component. Everything is ok except for the Build process with the makefile I was using with VC Express 2008 that I was using before (getting rid of a microsft software from my computer is also a reason to the Eclipse switch). My problem is that WDC816CC.exe that is the C compiler from WDC always return -1 as return code even if compilation is ok. Here is an example :

C:\65xx_FreeSDK\bin\wdc816cc -wl -wp -sop -MS pad.c
WDC 65816 C   Version Evaluation  Mar 27 2006 16:41:28
       Copyright (C) 1992-2006 by The Western Design Center, Inc.
make: [compile] Error -1 (ignored)

On a real error the return code is 254.

D:\JDus\workspace\KFM Snes\main.c:105:
ERROR 34: undefined symbol: counter2 1 errors
make: [compile] Error 254 (ignored)

So this is a call to someone that is familiar with windows programming (thing that I’m not at all). I need either a wrapper that ouput an other return code (translate them) so i can use GNU Make with eclipse. Or even maybe patch WDC816CC.exe (even if i prefer the first solution so we keep WDC binaries intact from distribution.Shout a comment if you need to get in touch with me.

++ Lint

PS : It seems that the free version of the sdk is not more available from WDC. Get in touch with me if you need a copy.

8 Responses to “Happy new year …”

  1. sylvainulg Says:

    so, basically you need something like


    exit 0 if (system(“@ARGV”)==-1);
    exit -1;


  2. lint Says:

    basically yes … running under windows … 😀 is that possible in .bat file ? or making a small .exe to do that ? I don’t want to have perl for windows to be installed !

  3. scottjg Says:

    I think the compilation is actually failing. From what I can tell, 254 is the error code the compiler returns for “File not found”. Eclipse probably invokes make with a weird working path.

    You can verify this:
    Z:\home\rom4>c:\65xx_FreeSDK\bin\WDC816CC.exe PPU.c
    WDC 65816 C Version Evaluation Mar 27 2006 16:41:28
    Copyright (C) 1992-2006 by The Western Design Center, Inc.

    Z:\home\rom4>echo %ERRORLEVEL%

    Z:\home\rom4>c:\65xx_FreeSDK\bin\WDC816CC.exe bogusfile
    WDC 65816 C Version Evaluation Mar 27 2006 16:41:28
    Copyright (C) 1992-2006 by The Western Design Center, Inc.

    Z:\home\rom4>echo %ERRORLEVEL%

  4. lint Says:

    I just realized that now the output is correct it was due to some erors on the Makefile. Anyway thank you guys … I will soon post something on how use eclipse to dev with wdc tools.

  5. lint Says:

    My eclipse config is almost finished and the a new Makefile is just waiting for a last feature to be done. I keep you updated as soon as possible.

  6. david Says:

    does this compiler exits as a unix binary? otherwise i would try to get it working under linux using wine. can u help me and share the sdk with me.

  7. lint Says:

    There is no unix binaries… I will mail you the freesdk if i find it back on my disk. Keep us updated with running them with wine.

  8. scottjg Says:

    i’m running them under wine and it works great!