Finally a new teaser release …

I know it’s been a long time now that I’m promising new stuff …

The rom is available here.

Source code still need a bit of cleanup, so you need to wait a bit more… Don’t hesitate to report bug or any comments.

See ya, Lint

5 Responses to “Finally a new teaser release …”

  1. Honza Says:

    Hi, first of all: Thank you for this. I don’t like assembler and if it wasn’t for your projet, I would probably never attempted to code for SNES and your source is saving me a lot of trouble.

    Next: small question about how to convert 256 color pcx to SNES BG format (map, tile, clr). I am trying to put something with more than 16 colors on the screen, but I can’t force Pcx2Snes.exe to make conversion right. No matter what I do, palette bits in .map file are always zero.

    At first I though the code was wrong, but if I change palette bits in .map (so some tiles will use other palette than just 0), I end up with picture with more than 16 colors, otherwise 16 colors.

    I have also tried other conversion software (gif2sopt.exe), no success either, same symptoms (whole image in 16 colors).

    Do you know how to do it(convert 8 bpp image to SNES BG ready data)? I can probably code it myself, but I have exams and other stuff to worry about.

  2. pp128 Says:

    Hey Lint !

    Can I have your e-mail adress ?

    Thanks and congratulations.

  3. lint Says:

    Thanks for the comment … I’m preparing a blog post in response to your comment. Just be a littl emore patient …. Thanks Honza.

    ++ Lint

  4. scottjg Says:

    The free version of the wdc compiler has some ridiculous limitations. Do you have the full version or something?

  5. lint Says:

    No there is some way to bypass those limitations by splitting your .c files. Mail me if you have any more precise questions.