Back from vacation …

It’s been almost 5 days that I’m back from vacation.I have almost no time for myself …

Hard time at work since we have a major release on next wednesday. I’m still able to find some time while on the train. So I’m still optimising sprite stuff. I dicovered that the WDC Compiler is very bad at handling structure and tables. It’s don’t optimize the code at all and it’s a real loss of CPU cycle for nothing and finally always recalcaulating the exact same memory offsets.

I’m in the process to completely rewrite that code in pure ASM.

++ Lint

2 Responses to “Back from vacation …”

  1. sylvainulg Says:

    alternatively, pre-computing a pointer towards an array entry may sometimes allow you to optimize your code and stay in C (not that it’s always preferable … only often 😉

  2. lint Says:

    Yeah. That’s exactly what i done this morning. The new code is a bit buggy but I’m now 30 times faster and still in C. It’s anyway still a bit too slow for me so i might try a asm version after the debug is done.

    Thanks for the advice anyway.