It’s time for a pre-release

It’s been a while I’m busy preparing my “end of July release”. That release may not be the complete level 1 as expected. I have loose a lot of time and energy to try making the NSF Replayer to work without success. After that I got stuck with my Gfx converter and switched to mappy (so I needed to write the lua script to export the map and tile correctly). And then again getting problems with BG mode 3 that I decided to use.

So now .. It’s the perfect time for a pre-realease. I got all I need for the score board to run and got the entire level 1 in rom and got it scrolling. The pre-release is just that… Enjoy !

Rom 5 pre release 1

The rom is available here is usual.

Next step is putting the main character sprite back with all possible movement. That mean a lot of Gfx work, so I hope that it will be ready by sytart of next week.

See ya, Lint

One Response to “It’s time for a pre-release”

  1. d4s Says:

    Better late than never, i guess: That`s looking very good! Just one question: Why did you decide to use mode3? Are you planning to use high-color(well, high-color for the snes, at least) backgrounds later on?