Level 1 is ready to scroll

I finished the level 1 map this morning and really wanted to share it with you (click for full level) :

Level 1 teaser

It’s now been a few days that I’m mostly playing with MAME and Gimp to rip the gfx and create the tiles to use on my Kung Fu Master port for the SNES. I still need to do some work in the score to create the tile and be ready to write them on the screen.

I just discovered that the tool I use to convert my pcx isnt supporting big files like the one i show you here. Anybody know a good map editor compatible with the SNES ? I will anyway first concentrate on the scoring part.

NSF Replayer status : The code is now more stable but i still have issue with the NES code that is accessing some part of memory that should remain untouched. I need to trace it more deeply … I keep you updated anyway but I will not work on that issue that much or I will never have something to show on the end of July.

++ Lint

2 Responses to “Level 1 is ready to scroll”

  1. d4s Says:

    I don’t know a graphics conversion tool that supports pictures of that size.
    If you just want to get it working asap, I’d suggest splitting the whole image into single screens (256 pixels/32 tiles wide), expanding your tilemap buffer in vram to 64×32 tiles and just load them sequentially to the buffer thats currently not on screen.

  2. lint Says:

    Oops i deleted my old comment by error. I’m now ussing mappy with a lua script to output the map and output .bmp with the used tiles.