SNES Central news + NSF Replayer status

This morning I discovered that one of the site that I consider as the best SNES ressource (especially about proto and alpha/beta release) did a small news on myself. Go check it :

Thanks guys, it is a good gift for me. Yeps, It’s my birthday today. I’m 34 years old today.

A little update on my SNES work : sound engine is soon going to be able to run. I already corrected many lines of code that were causing trouble. The whole NSF init process is almost finished (I hope tonight or tomorow morning 😉 ). Then I will attack the player itself, but since it’s based on the same process so it will be painless.

I still hope to finish this week my NSF Replayer work. I will try to make a package and a small doc so anybody can use it or improve it.

++ Lint

3 Responses to “SNES Central news + NSF Replayer status”

  1. Tomy Says:

    Happy Birthday ! I’ll have my birthday tomorrow too.
    Good luck for your work. Hope you can finished it soon.

  2. d4s Says:

    Hey Lint, happy birthday! Hope you had a nice one. =)
    This is no birthday present by any means, but i just recorded the comparision between my module player and ekid’s xmsnes as promised a few weeks ago. I’ve also included a reference recording for good measure. As you can hear, xmsnes has massive pops on volume change, not quite right sounding effects and a very muffled sound overall, especially on the drums.

  3. Tomy Says:


    I tried your module player. It really better than xmsnes. Good work !