My wishlist

There is a few items that I’m currently really interested in. Most of those stuff are not really ***RARE***, but I don’t really have tons of money to go in those items. So … if you see one of those, if you own of those, just get in touch with me.

It’s been a few weeks that im looking for a copy of WILD GUNS for SNES. It’s really a wonderfull game that was released at the and of the SNES official life. Not a lot of cartridge were produced and then it’s a bit difficult to find at a good price. I don’t need boxed game with instructions. Cart only is ok … in pal, US or japan favor. Here is a youtube video to show you what type of gameplay it has.

YouTube - Link toWild Guns SNES review

More wish list comming soon … with certainly some ***RARE*** stuff.

See ya, Lint

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