Battle of the loRom layout

It’s now been a few days that I’m in a battle with the ROM layout. I’m starting to have huge ressource, a bit less than 32kb. So I tried to put that in an other bank. That was monday. Since it does’t working until this morning, after reading many documents and analysing other roms.

Now everything goes well except thatmy favoriteemu/debugger the so called “Snes9X1.43.ep9r8.exe” isn’t working with it. It’s mixing the bank access and copies the actual code into VRAM and not the data coming from from bank 1. Now all the other emu are working great (was not the case of bsnes before).

I provide you the .smc format rom. If you have any idea why it’s not working don’t hesitate to contact me ASAP via the comments on this post.

Here are some info about the rom layout from the linking process :

Section: ORG:    ROM ORG:  SIZE:
CODE     008000  000000      4CCH (  1228)
UDATA    000000  ------       10H (    16)
vectors  00FFE4  007FE4       1CH (    28)
registra 00FFB0  007FB0       2FH (    47)
bank4    018000  008000     7F40H ( 32576)
Total                       8467H ( 33895)

The huge data is in bank4 section. Address is set to 01:8000 and in the rom it’s at 8000. Main code is at address 00:8000 and rom is 0000. The registration data of the cart is set to mode 20 (lorom)

If you have any other question -> comments.

Here is the Rom for you testing and analysing.

See ya, Lint

PS : Easter egg in the rom (tested working on bsnes and znes) … Hint … play with your pad (i said too much, I know !!!)

FIXED !!! Look at the comments !!! 

5 Responses to “Battle of the loRom layout”

  1. tak Says:

    not sure, but maybe you are fighting with the same bug as flobo describes (27. April 2008)?

  2. lint Says:

    Not sure at all … the version of snes9x I use is 1.43 updated by geiger to have a debugger. I will contact flobo about that anyway… in case of … I think I will post on snes9x forum too.

  3. lint Says:

    snes9x version 1.51 is working right … So it’s either 1.43 general bug or a bug in the debugger. I will try padding the file to 256k. I keep you updated.

  4. lint Says:

    Yeps padding the file to 256k with padbin.exe (from GBFS archive) have make it work with snes9x from geiger. I also corrected a minor error in the SNES registration data in StartupSnes.asm pointed out by D4S. The “Game Title” isn’t 20 character long but 21. So now everything is back perfect … except for a major bug in wdc C compiler. Or is it a bad usage made by myself. I will let you knwo soon with an example so you can test yourself.

  5. tak Says:

    if you need more information about a proper ROM ‘header’ have a look to this one (nice reference):