[REQUEST] Tweety still picture source code

I’m once getting ‘uber’ nostalgic.

A about 15 years I started to code on the SNES. The first piece of code that I assembled was this demo : “tweety still picture“. At the time the demo was distributed with source code. Can you please help me found the source code?

A link, an email.. everything is welcome. I really want to see that source code once again.

Thanks in advance,

See ya, Lint

3 Responses to “[REQUEST] Tweety still picture source code”

  1. tak Says:

    not sure which one you mean, but this one has some nice sources from cracktros and demos 🙂


  2. lint Says:

    Thanks a lot … I found out the files I was looking for on “programmers heaven”. Surfing on the site i remembered the name of the assembler I was using back then … and source is included in the distribution.


    Thanks man, I will soon post something about that piece of code.

  3. lint Says:

    I’m sorry about the bad content / language / ideology that appears in the text of one of the source file… I don’t support shit like this in any way.