5v regulator breadboard

Yes !!!

This weekend I finally got the thing working and not blowing up the LM7805 once again. Yesterday I re-opened my little box filled with my electronics parts. This time it was all set in my head, I need to follow the indications by the letter. 30 minutes after ripping all the wires left on the breadboard, I was ready again to test the thing.

DAMN !!! the fucking LM7805 is still getting way too hot in a few seconds. Damn, Damn, Damn …. What is the next step now ? My good friend Torlus don’t seem active on the IRc chan … Hmmm …

Well, in fact there is something that might be bad since the beginning : the “Nintendo Wall Wart”. That one is supposed to output 9V 1.3A. So after a 5 minutes digging in the “wall wart box” at home I found a 12v 500mA from big “outside” light that was left a few ago behind me and now loose. Well I’m gonna try with that, anyway I have nothing to loose.

image of the 2 wall wart [picture coming in a few days :p]

Hmmm…. Working like a charm. Yes Yes Yes I finally managed to get my 5V output working. I really blame myself about the Nintendo adapter. Anyway I’m now ready to rock with real electronic stuff. Here is a picture of my breadboard at the moment.

5v regulator breadboard

Next thing should be playing with a 8bit comparator, dip switches and a led. I keep you updated as soon as possible.

EDIT : I found what is the problem with SNES “wall wart” … is outputing alternatif current. 🙁

++ Lint

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  1. fr4nz Says:

    AC/DC …. highway to hell! LOL