Breakpoints …

Been a while that I haven’t posted on this blog.

I started the implementation of the breakpoints and step by step debugging. Breakpoints are done and the loop waiting for command is active. Currently I support 4 commands : dump registers, dump palette, dump vram and resume. So as you have guessed no “step by step” suppport yet.

During this first implementation I have corrected a few bugs in the “on the fly” rom patching, re-factored a few things that were badly coded or that where using inner BSnes feature (and thus not reproducible with the final hardware that we will have). Also, Icekiller helped me to design a command line client to interact with BSnes when debugging.

I’m currently making slower progress … many reasons for that. Time to time I have a loss of interest on my ‘hobby’ time, The train I used to take is on vacation currently, so I need to cumute…

I keep you updated when new nice features will be implemeted.

See ya, Lint

2 Responses to “Breakpoints …”

  1. oskarzer0 Says:

    Maybe this can help you:

    Thanks for you work!

  2. lint Says:

    In fact all the work I’m actually doing is targetted for that hardware project.