The new snes-sdk …

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago Tomy from gave me the link of a toolchain for the snes. Allow C and asm code. The whole stuff looks great but only seems to compile under Linux. It’s now been a few months that I have no access to a Linux workstation. So I wondered if any of you could compile this to run under windows ? Or if you have any advice…

Here is the link of the project :, the source code is avaible trough a SVN repos.

See ya, lint

4 Responses to “The new snes-sdk …”

  1. The UnDisbeliever Says:

    After playing around with the Makefiles files I managed to compile it for mingw.

    The binaries are here:

    You may need to install the minGW runtime files (, however since I do not have access to a computer without mingw on it, I cannot say for sure.

    You will also need python if you wish to use the optimizer (as it is a python script).

  2. lint Says:

    Thanks a lot … i will test that a bit later and make a report here …

  3. Tomy Says:

    I just tested the BIN builded by The UnDisbeliever. It worked great ! Demo can compile without problem. Thank you very much.

  4. AndiNo Says:

    I found this SDK and wanted to use it, too, but had no success so far. I had some contact with UnDisbeliever because I couldn’t get his binaries to run – after many days of hunting problems the last one is that wlalink does absolutely nothing if I pass it the right files. As I’m on Windows I had some trouble compiling the programs, too.
    Did you use the SDK or the binaries? And if so, can you give me some help with getting them to work as I think you’re on Windows, too?
    PS: What about the “report” you wanted to make? 😉